About Us


V Digital Marketing specialises in directing online traffic to our client’s’ online platforms, whether that’s business website, social media page or a combination of both. We focus on converting searches, clicks, and visits to your online platforms into desired goals, such as sales or subscribers.

Our work is data driven but our communication with clients is human and personal. We pride ourselves on being to the point and doing away with corporate and marketing buzz words. We translate data into actionable steps for your business, firm, agency or organization.

Our methods are simple:
  • optimiz your website so that it’s ranking is increased and ultimately reaches page 1 on Google searches - because lets face, hardly anyone looks past a page 1 Google search
  • Where appropriate, we strategically use paid placements like Google Ads so that you see the best return for your advertising budget
  • If necessary, we run marketing campaigns and manage your social media platforms
  • Have an ongoing open dialogue with you to ensure you are fully briefed at every step of the way so that you can make the correct decision for your business or organization.

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