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When people talk about PPC or pay-per-click, they almost always mean Google Ads - the most popular online advertising platform. It brings your company or business to page 1 of a Google search result.

V Digital Marketing has years of experience in Google Ads or PPC. We determine whether this advertising method is appropriate for your company or business. If so, we create advertising campaigns based on insightful parameters to ensure your Google Ads budget has the best return for your advertising investment (ROI).

Search Engine Marketing is a trendy online marketing methodology through which publicity for the products and services are made via paid visibility attempts on the popular search engines.


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Google Ads Services - Need to rank on page 1 of Google immidiately

Don’t have time to wait for SEO kick in to rank higher than the competition? Be the first link in Google or YouTube results from day one with a well run Google Ads campaign.

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Google Partner

V Digital Marketing is a Google certified partner. Not many people know what this means, but it's prestigious, and we are proud of it. It is one of the many labels that gets thrown around in digital marketing circles, assuming it attracts customers.

Being Google Partner means:
  1. We have access to a range of resources provided by Google;
  2. we meet ongoing standards for best practices concerning Google Ads campaigns;
  3. We have mastery in AdWords
  4. We can use Google's latest and greatest Ad beta features
  5. Direct access to Google if there is a query such as a drop in Ads performance

In short, being a Google Partner means we have years of experience in running Ad campaigns for clients and know how to use data and numbers to get you more return in profit than you spend in advertising


What are our advantages for Google ads management?

We spend time on your Google Ads plan. We are affordable. Your budget is never too little for us to work with.

Google Ads Management in New Zealand

Advertise with the optimal Google Partner

Don’t waste time, get started with Google Ads. Reach a wide audience, get your business to show up in search engine results in response to customer needs for your products and services. Ours skilled and experienced team can help you to optimise your NZ Google Ads campaign. How can we help you to start ?

  1. Define your target market with your help
  2. Identify the best channel and best keywords to start
  3. Create your first Campaign to get instant traffic to your website
  4. Analyse your first campaign
  5. Optimise your campaign for best return on your advertising cost


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