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SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a trendy online marketing methodology through which publicity for the products and services are made via paid visibility attempts on the popular search engines.
Google ads – Search advertising- Vdigitalmarketing is a Google ads certified agency which will help you to set up Pay per click advertising services in Istanbul. Google ads, is the most popular online advertising platform.
This will place online advertisements in all the websites that will pop up with any search results. Digital marketers will frame catchy and short advertisement pieces about their products and services. We help to establish your advertisements on first tier search engines.
Vdigitalmarketing support our every client on choosing from the best search engine marketing.
From the available search engine markets in New Zealand, our expert team will find the most reliable and affordable search engine adverts suitable to your organization.

Google Ad Price List

Small Business

(No Limited Budget)


per month


Economy Plan

$1000 TO 2000/

per month


Lowest Management Fee

(New Zealand only)

OVER $2000/

per month


What are our advantages for Google ads management?

We spend time on your plan. We are affordable. Your budget is never too little for us to work with.

  • Managed by google qualified experts
  • Free campaign setup
  • $150 Credit On New Accounts
  • Ongoing Reporting
  • Free SEO consulting
  • Free UI/UX consulting

Google Ads


Don’t have time to wait for SEO to result in ranking higher than your competition? Be the first link in Google or YouTube results in LESS THAN A FEW MINUTES on your preferred keywords.
If you have questions about google ads management, contact us: 021 123 2195

Google Advertising Cost

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    Website optimisation

    Higher speed for better feedback in Google ads

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    Advertising Panel

    Direct access to the Google Ads Management panel

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    See statistics, apply changes and enjoy
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    Keyword Selection

    Advice on choosing the best keyword for advertising

    Start with the best key words
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    • Not sure where to start?Google Ads is a great choice for entry level but effective advertising, providing good visibility and a handy link to your website. We can help you get it right.
    • No website?No problem, we can design a website for you within a week
    • Already up and running?Let our team of professionals take on the hassle of running your campaign at a competitive rate, so you can focus on what you do best.

    Google Ads Management in New Zealand

    Advertise with the optimal Google Partner

    Don’t waste time, get started with Google Ads.
    Reach a wide audience, get your business to show up in search engine results in response to customer needs for your products and services.
    Ours skilled and experienced team can help you to optimise your NZ Google Ads campaign. How can we help you to start ?

    • Define your target market with your help
    • Identify the best channel and best keywords to start
    • Create your first Campaign to get instant traffic to your website
    • Analyse your first campaign
    • Optimise your campaign for best return on your advertising cost
    219Active Ad Words Accounts
    33MCampaign Impression
    8MCampaign Clicks
    100%Guaranteed Best Feedback

    Google ads are simple, effective, and highly profitable.

    In the face of today’s competitive online utopia that we’re all so heavily invested in, Google Ads marketing campaigns make wonders and bring fortune and recognition to business owners, the same thing we are planning to accomplish for our customers in Auckland, New Zealand, and across the world.

    Google Ads marketing is the act of placing suitable advertising clickables in the right place on a link where more people will be inclined to click them.

    Vdigitalmarketing has the experience, the knowledge, and a list of Google Ads experts ready-to-go to run any Google Ad marketing campaign and create companies’ Search Engine Marketing strategy. We know all there’s to know about Google Ads’ features and are excited to introduce them into your marketing strategy for more profit.

    So, if your patience in approaching the constantly evolving Google Ads platform is dwindling, we have the answers to get your stranded boat up and about. Through our top-notch “Google Ads Management Services,” you will learn how to bring in more views, ultimately translating into more clicks, meaning your company will be making more money.

    Get the best feedback from Google ads

    Our advisers will answer any questions you may have.

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