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With the average social media user spending around 145 minutes a day on social media (agreed... speaks volumes as to digital addiction), there are just too many eyeballs and attention on computers and smartphone screens for businesses to ignore social media as an effective marketing platform. Though there are many social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are where users spend the most time. Facebook and Instagram are cost-effective advertising tools and necessary in most instances, especially for small-to-medium size businesses and companies. As a business, you should be familiar with Facebook Business Manager and using Facebook and Instagram for:

•Brand awareness;
•Directing traffic to your website;
•Remarketing your product or service to those who have shown an interest; and
•Increasing your conversions rates.

We can set up targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns because creating the right message and targeting the right audience is essential.

We specialise in a whole array of digital marketing services, one of which is being a social media marketing agency in Auckland working with clients accross New Zealand. We have the experience and the know-how to organise your social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


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What does Social Media Marketing mean to New Zealand's Small-to-Medium Size Businesses?

Facebook and Instagram Ads is a large part of Social Media Marketing

Right of the bat, social media marketing is often used to refer to advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Since Facebook owns Instagram, advertising in Instagram is part of Facebook Ads, hence advertising campaigns in either platform is managed in Facebook Business Suit or Facebook Manager.

In a broader context, Social Media Marketing for small-to-medium-sized businesses often means posts, sharing stories and launching Ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. However, there are other smaller platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat as well.

Steps New Zealand Small to Medium Businesses should take prior to Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Is Advertising on Facebook and Instagram right for you?

Businesses and companies should develop their social media page before allocating any budget to Social Media Ad campaigns. Do this by creating:

• Business Instagram account
• Business Facebook page
Post to Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Business Suite and post regularly for a few months.

Posts will allow a business to gain Facebook and Instagram likes, impressions and audience interaction - this is vital information for any Social Media Ad campaign in New Zealand and any other county. There is no hard-set rule as to how many posts or likes a business should have before advertising as it's contextual. 1000 Likes is the bare minimum in countries like America, but a few hundred Likes is considered super successful in New Zealand.


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