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    Why Should I Have a Website

    Every business or organization needs a showroom, whether a shop, office, or conference room with a waterfront view. This is the online age – people inevitably always refer to online sources before finding a service or buying a product. Before deciding to spend their money ($$$$), assume your clients or customers will:

    • Find you online;
    • If they already know your business, they will review your website and other online platforms as part of their consideration of choosing you;
    • Scrutinize your website, its design, and its offerings.
    • Subconsciously, if not consciously, consider whether it was easy to find your website - this is where SEO and web design services merge;
    • Review your website’s content – too little content in a website gives the impression of laziness, and too much content overwhelms website visitors resulting in high bounce rates and loss of sales or leads;
    • Consider whether your website will tell them at a glance what your business is about and how it helps them; and
    • Read your online reviews line by line.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated people’s reliance on online sources like websites, e-commerce and online organic positioning or SEO to make their purchasing decision. This is a trend that will only increase.

    Web design services based in Auckland New Zealand

    1. We are an experienced team and draw from our knowledge of web design, coding, graphic design, and familiarity with New Zealand businesses;
    2. For us, the process of developing websites includes:
      • A scrutinizing graphical design stage
      • Optimized User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
      • Industry and business-appropriate elegance
      • Light website development and scarce use of apps and plugins for maximum site speed
    3. You own your website data. We believe that if you pay for your site's development, you should own it. This means you can change web companies whenever you want without needing to redevelop your site;
    4. We provide 4-weeks of free post-completion support service. Websites are living, breathing platforms, and we understand you may wish for further edits and iterations to your site once it's completed. Therefore, we have included one month of free support for such iterations post website completion;
    5. We listen to your suggestions and introduce new design ideas to your site; and
    6. We offer the most competitive prices for an on-shore New Zealand digital marketing agency.