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Every business or organization needs a showroom, whether a shop, office, or conference room with a waterfront view. This is the online age – people inevitably always refer to online sources before finding a service or buying a product. Before deciding to spend their money ($$$$), assume your clients or customers will:

  • Find you online;
  • If they already know your business, they will review your website and other online platforms as part of their consideration of choosing you;
  • Scrutinize your website, its design, and its offerings.
  • Subconsciously, if not consciously, consider whether it was easy to find your website - this is where SEO and web design services merge;
  • Review your website’s content – too little content in a website gives the impression of laziness, and too much content overwhelms website visitors resulting in high bounce rates and loss of sales or leads;
  • Consider whether your website will tell them at a glance what your business is about and how it helps them; and
  • Read your online reviews line by line.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated people’s reliance on online sources like websites, e-commerce and online organic positioning or SEO to make their purchasing decision. This is a trend that will only increase.


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10 Things to Check off When Building a Website for New Zealand Audiences

graphic designer with UX and UI experience

It is vital to have a graphic designer with UX and UI experience involved in developing your site. A website’s design and content have a symbiotic relationship. Both elements are needed to attract audiences and convert traffic into leads and sales. Every word, sentence, design element, and bold and italic font must be purposeful to run a successful website. This is what a good graphic designer does.
Content is critical on a website.

You need to work hard to create content for your site and keep that content updated. The most beautiful website in the world developed by the most capable web developers wont be successful if energy, effort and time is not spent on adding content to a website and keeping existing content updated.

Your website needs to load fast on both computers browsers and phones.

The load times for sites should be between 1 and 2 seconds. Over 50% of site visits are abandoned if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Several factors affect website speed, including host, burdensome animations, inefficient website development, and lack of compression of images.

Careful not to have a wall of text inundating visitors in your website.

Information should be relevant, brief, easily readable, and spaced out. Utilize paragraphs, heading, bullet points and numberings. Site content is the primary tool to retain the traffic for conversion and leads.

You need to buy SSL Encryption for your website.

Over 90% of websites have SSL encryption, and if you do not have it, Google and other browsers warn visitors that your site is not secure. This results in high bounce rates and decreased Google / organic ranking

Having a website is an iterative process.

Here is the paradox with running a website of any kind – a website needs to be flawless, but having a website is an iterative process. Therefore work hard on content, design, buying an appropriate host and development, but know that you will always need daily scans, updates, content additions, and periodic refreshing of your web design.


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