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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of maximizing a website's website's visitors by using various tools and techniques to ensure that the site appears high on the Google search results list. Simply put, SEO increases your site's traffic organically by increasing its Google ranking. With SEO, you do not pay for clicks, unlike paid advertising like Google ads.

SEO is a must if your goals and aspirations for your website are to::

  • Grow in terms of sales and / or conversion rates
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Build credibility online
  • Increase your brand awareness

With our SEO experts, everything is transparent, and you will have a perfectly modelled website, impeccably optimised for the latest search trends.

Our optimisation ensures your website’s:

  • Organic Google ranking is increased; and
  • Over time, its ranking moves to page 1 of Google within the parameters of targeted keywords.

  • We know Google's algorithm; we keep track of its evolution and channel this knowledge to increase the site's of our clients' rankings. The net result is beating the competition by getting more traffic and conversions.

    We work transparently. We generate easy to read reports regularly showing critical insights into our SEO campaign for your organization. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to explain these reports to you and ensure you are fully briefed to make the right business decisions.

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    Google’s search algorithm uses hundreds of primates to determine the content and quality of your website and its relevance to keyword searches. These perimeters are broadly divided into two categories:

    1. Quality of contents on your site (on-page SEO)
    2. External references to your site (off-page SEO)

    To scratch the surface, the algorithm perimeters considers aspects such as:

    • Website’s content and its relevance to keyword searches
    • Website's load time and fluency
    • How often it's updated
    • Whether its content is helpful to viewers
    • Whether it has any backlinks